Born to Run review

Born to run is one of Michael Morpurgo number one selling books. Michael Morpurgo has made a variety of books such as,classic books for children, classic books for adults, action books and fictional stories.  He has won many awards such as the Smarties award, Whitebread Prize, Red House Children’s Book Award and The Blue Peter Book Award. In 2005 he was called the Author of the Year.

In Born to Run there is a dog with many names and owners throughout the whole story. It starts of with a boy named Patrick. On the way to school, Patrick saw a bag moving slowly along the canal. It looked suspicious so he jumped into the canal. When he lifted it up, it was surprisingly heavy. He lifted out of the canal and to his surprise, he found five dogs. Out of those five dogs, there was one that shined out the most to him. He asked his mum if he could bring this dog home. At first, She said no but then thought about it and accepted the dog into the house. Patrick decided to called his dog Best Mate.

One day, he took Best Mate to the park near to his house. When he told Best Mate to go run, he wouldn’t listen. But he told again and this time, Best Mate trusted Patrick and ran fast and far. Before he knew it, Best Mate got captured and taken away to a guy called Craig. Craig took Best Mate away to his farmyard where his daughter, Becky and her mother. Craig gave Best Mate to Becky and called him Brighteye. Becky decided to leave her house because she was so angry of her dad. She took Brighteyes with her as well. On the streets she found a car park to sleep in. During the middle of the night she was woken up by a guy with a dog. The dog bit into Becky wrist. Luckily, she manage to escape but unfortunately she had a really bad wrist, dripping with a gallon of blood. She sat and had a little nap. Then came a ambulance and took her to the hospital. Brighteyes followed until he reached the hospital. They didn’t allow him in so he waited outside until a guy called Joe came. Then came Becky’s mum. She stopped and said to Joe that he could have it because, Becky couldn’t afford to have him. 

So Joe took him to his ship and named him Paddywack. It was a normal day when Paddywack started barking when they went under a bridge. It was very weird to him. All of a sudden, Paddywack jumped out and swam to shore. It was the park that Patrick took him to. In the distance, he saw that Patrick was at the top of the hill with a dog that was grey. When Paddywack went towards to Patrick, Patrick didn’t recognize him. But a few seconds later remembered him and hugged him. Joe caught up and went to take Paddywack back to the ship. As Paddywack went, he took the last glimpse of Patrick. 

As you have read, the main character are Patrick,Becky,Joe and the dog. In my opinion, my favorite character is the dog because, he was throughout the whole of the story. Born to Run is a children’s book, so it would be recommended to a child that is 7-8 years old.

By Alex



Winter is a fantastic season when the trees have no leaves and when Christmas happens. Winter can be very amazing with all of the beautiful lights spreaded all around the world.

Winter is the fourth season which is after Autumn and before
Spring. Christmas is in Winter. Christmas is an amazing time when we remember Jesus’s birth. Christmas is also when the whole family comes together and celebrating event when everyonene opens presents, eat food and plays with each other. Christmas is a time when wees. In my opinion, I think Christmas is wonderful.One reason why I say that is because, I get new stuff that will entertain me for the whole year such as electronics. I also love celebrating Christmas because, I get to play with my cousin Aadil and my older cousin Jason.

Winter can also have some snow I love to play in the snow. Some years it doesn’t snow for some reason but sometimes it does. I love playing in the snow. I would go to my cousins house and hav snow fight. I really enjoy having snow fights. We would go to the park near my cousins house and because the park is massive, we can have more snow and more space to play in. Sometimes we build a 6 feet snow man. We put unwanted accessories such as, a scarf, a hat, exc. After building the snowman, we admire it for a bit before trying to knock it down. Because the snowman is six feet and full of snow, it is hard to knock down.

Winter is also when the temperature drop down to the minuses. So when going out in the cold to buy something in the shop, remember to put on a thick coat and even a hat, scarf and gloves. When it is dark, Christmas light shine all over the world. It is an amazing view from just looking a it. While driving in the car during Christmas, look outside and look at all of the lights. You would probably say that it look magnificent. In my opinion, I think winter is the best season out of all of the four seasons.

By Alex

Year 6 school trip

Hi Headmaster,

I am writing this letter to inform you about what I have suggested for this years residential trip. I have suggested to go Spain. The reason why i have suggested to go Spain is because, in Spain there is a range of enjoyable and educational activities. In Spain, the weather is extremely NICE and BEAUTIFUL which means , we can play beach ball or football along the beach. Just in case you think we are going to get too sweaty and too thirsty, there are water fountains and showers every 5 meters. Just a few minutes away, there is a fountain light show. It is a show which has lots of lights [bright and blinding] going in different directions, shining at the spraying water.

In Spain, there are lots of restaurants and supermarkets selling fruits, vegetables etc. There are lots of buildings which are huge and enormous. A few minutes from the sky- scraping buildings, there is a beach which spreads along for four miles. There are shops near the beach that sell surf boards an buckets and spades. So don’t worry if you didn’t bring your beach stuff. Don’t hesitate to buy a new one.

There are also schools in Spain so that the trip isn’t just leisure. During our time at Spain, we could visit one of the schools and try to learn Spanish. We can learn to be able to speak fluent Spanish which will help us in later life.If you can’t find a job in England We can learn to be able to speak fluent Spanish which will help us in later life.If you can’t find a job in England,just move over to Spain and there will be a variety of jobs available for you to apply for. We can also learn to make delicious food. Spain is really good at cooking delicious dishes.  

In Spain, there are lots of nice,kind and welcoming people. The weather in Spain is perfect for us to play: tennis in a tennis court; football in a medium size pitch; and basketball in a indoor pitch.There are only a handful amount of  people that are naughty and bad people.This is why I have suggested to go to Spain.

Love from Alex

P.S: Send a letter back if you accept my request.


What my most enjoyable holiday I have been to.

What my most enjoyable holiday is Butlins. I really enjoy going to Butlins. The reason why I like going to Butlins is because, it is a place where there is infinite fun. I really enjoy going there because, when I am there the rides are all free. You don’t need to pay half a penny to go a ride. The only thing you need to pay for in Butlins is the arcade. Say if you want to play skeez ball in the arcade, you would have to pay for it. But who cares about the arcade. There are millions of stuff around you that are a million time better than the arcade. If you don’t like this ride or club, choose another one. There is always one that you would like. In my opinion, I like all of the rides. I don’t have a favorite because all of them are my favorite.

Also, it is my favorite holiday because, it brings our family more closer. I enjoyed it the most when my cousin came with us. We would have our rooms opposite so we can go in and out of each of the rooms whenever we wanted. Also, in Butlins, the rooms are nicely organised and cleaned for you so that you don’t have to do it yourself when you first arrive. The only bad thing about Butlins is that it is amazingly expensive. But it is worth the money and the time. That is why Butlins is the best experience holiday I have been to.

By Alex